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Posted by : Unknown Monday, January 6, 2014

Omg! It's finally here! My first game! How exciting ^_^. Anyway, this version doesn't have any Cg's. I hope to get some in the next few weeks, but if not I still hope people will enjoy it. Also, please give me feedback. I'd like to know what I can improve or what was good. Anyway, enjoy.

Update-For those who saw this on the renpy site, I changed Daniel's spite. Sorry that the screenshots are different. I changed it after I posted it. I don't know how to get rid of them on the renpy site. Sorry once again


Under the Sycamore Tree

"You can't run away from the past. Naomi figures that out the hard way when she returns to Littleroot and meets a boy whom she believes life she destroyed many years ago by herself"

Plot-Naomi Parker comes back to her home town Littleroot in order to take some pictures from her friend's wedding. Back luck however get's her and she is forced to stay in town longer then intended. During her stay she befriends a boy named Daniel who oddly seems familiar to her. The more she get's to know him however, the more she begins to recall the tragedy that struck someone close to her that she caused.

Naomi Parker-A young photographer who who comes to Litteroot to get's some pics for her friend Jessica. She has a deep love for nature and hopes to make a career out of taking pictures.

Daniel Smith-A strange boy that Naomi meets in the park during her first day back. Daniel is a strange and, at times, flighty boy who loves to climb the Sycamore Tree. Despite that he is very kind and longs to keep at least one friend. Has something to do with Naomi's past.

Judith Smith-Daniel's grandmother and caretaker. She is a nice old woman who just wishes that Daniel's father was home more often.

Art- Blue Forest

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